Monday, December 3, 2012

Comedy Show Episode 4

The final show of the A Life Gone Astray series. Take humor in the travesties of my life-gone-astray.

Comedy Show Episode 3

This is a foolishly wacky video. I cross the line with ordinary situations; pure wackiness and wickedness results. The foolish cat deprives me of a decent reputation with the neighbors once again. The pictures have no correlation with the video.


Comedy Show Episode 2

This is the second video on location. This time I spontaneously drove not knowing where I would end up. I drove over 100 mph at times. I had a $100 and I tried to get lost. I ended up in Yarmouth, MA. I noticed how businesses and car dealerships are on the edge of the road. The road takes you through an airport where planes fly over head. I discovered an entrance to a beautiful beach which I pictured. The video description explains the rest. I spent the whole night finding the original live audio before producing this video. I slept in my car the next day between work shifts.

Comedy Show Episode 1

This is the first video of a series I entitled A Life Gone Astray. I angrily discuss facebook birthdays. I pleasantly describe the feline cat militia spreading across the country. I recount how dentists torture patients. I express disappointment in answering the land phone. And I explain how Matt Epstein is the king of  all pranksters.

Comedy Writer - Dumb Daryl's Delusions

This is the third comedy routine I developed. Daryl is a fictional person that brings a nice alliteration to the title. He is very deluded. And he makes funny observations with a strong attitude towards subjects such as family, skiing, slacking off, college, living vicariously through others on facebook, marathons, cheating, and sneaking food.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The Ramblings of Rambunctious Ralph

I made this second comedy video in the midst of a giant snow storm. I was looking for a fun way to spend the day. The video needs to be experienced rather than simply heard. I talk about my unique experiences at outlet malls, my trip in Florida with events no one would expect, and some hilarious pranks my friends and I pulled. Other surprises as well.

Ralph is a fictional character I became. He is quite rambunctious and has a lot to say!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My comedy

Believe it or not, I do more than write about computers and music. As pretentious as it sounds I have tried some comedy as well. Here is my attempt at comedy: Well if you can't laugh at the video you can at least laugh at the effort I went into creating these original pieces. My life is a giant joke. (one that is not so funny to me at this time).

The first video is my debut, I tell stories about being in the woods and coming across pant-less homeless guys with dogs, my night gone wrong in Worcester, MA and a bit about how guys should be babysitters. Among other things. enjoy.

The second video I created I will cover in the next post