Monday, December 3, 2012

Comedy Show Episode 4

The final show of the A Life Gone Astray series. Take humor in the travesties of my life-gone-astray.

Comedy Show Episode 3

This is a foolishly wacky video. I cross the line with ordinary situations; pure wackiness and wickedness results. The foolish cat deprives me of a decent reputation with the neighbors once again. The pictures have no correlation with the video.


Comedy Show Episode 2

This is the second video on location. This time I spontaneously drove not knowing where I would end up. I drove over 100 mph at times. I had a $100 and I tried to get lost. I ended up in Yarmouth, MA. I noticed how businesses and car dealerships are on the edge of the road. The road takes you through an airport where planes fly over head. I discovered an entrance to a beautiful beach which I pictured. The video description explains the rest. I spent the whole night finding the original live audio before producing this video. I slept in my car the next day between work shifts.

Comedy Show Episode 1

This is the first video of a series I entitled A Life Gone Astray. I angrily discuss facebook birthdays. I pleasantly describe the feline cat militia spreading across the country. I recount how dentists torture patients. I express disappointment in answering the land phone. And I explain how Matt Epstein is the king of  all pranksters.

Comedy Writer - Dumb Daryl's Delusions

This is the third comedy routine I developed. Daryl is a fictional person that brings a nice alliteration to the title. He is very deluded. And he makes funny observations with a strong attitude towards subjects such as family, skiing, slacking off, college, living vicariously through others on facebook, marathons, cheating, and sneaking food.